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Welcome to 123compute

We are computers and IT equipment disposal ,clearance contractors who buy, collect and recycle surplus and redundant I.T. equipment from US & Canada companies, providing secure and comprehensive data removal options. We work in partnership with an extensive network of clients throughout the US & Canada. If you have surplus or redundant IT and computers equipment that you would like valued then 123Compute is the company you have been looking for, We offer a FREE evaluation .Please email us at purchasing@123compute.com

All our used computers purchased from 123Compute.com has been thoroughly inspected by our technical staff and approved for a 30 days warranty.

Used Computers for schools:

123Compute are proud to provide quality computers and laptops to educational institutions at prices that will suit even the tightest budgetary constraints .

Lots of used computers:

Buy in bulk for your business or your friends and save. 123Compute offer cheap used computers lots plus you will save more money from our discount shipping rate.

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